Clerkship: My Adaptive Challenges and How I Deal with Them

 As a medical clerk who has rotated in different institutions during the past month, I consider managing social challenges, including the physical and emotional toll without compromising patient care as an adaptive challenge. Before I was thrown into the real environment of my duties as a medical clerk, I used to think that 3 years of medical school education and exposure to the physically and emotionally draining challenges within the confines of the classroom are enough to equip me in clerkship. I was wrong.

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Introduction to Clerkship

What I learned today: No matter how you change your attire, if you’re a medical clerk, you’re still at the bottom of the food chain.

We had our introduction to clerkship yesterday, which took half a day. Our year level coordinator finally showed us our year-long schedule, where we’ll be rotating, cluster groups and shared to us what we can more or less expect for the whole year.


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Medical School Fraternity and Sorority Talk

I had a conversation last night with my cousin’s neighbour who happens to study in another medical school that had the traditional format of teaching and it was interesting how generally different their school culture is from ours. 

We had a conversation about USMLE and whether it may be worth it to try and take it after the boards. The topic shifted when he asked me: “Do you have a sorority?”

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